Prof. Chirag Shah was elected to the ASIS&T (Association for Information Science and Technology) board as the Director of Chapter Assembly. Shah also published the following papers:

  • Published Leeder, C., & Shah, C. (2016). “Measuring the Effect of Virtual Librarian Intervention on Student Online Search.” The Journal of Academic Librarianship42(1), 2–7. doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2015.09.001.
  • Published the following article in First Monday. Shah, C., González-Ibáñez, R., & Read, P. (2015). “Investigating Impacts of Spatial Configurations on Collaborative Writing.” First Monday20(12). doi:10.5210/fm.v20i12.5872. Roberto González-Ibáñez is LIS PhD alum (now a faculty in Chile) and Pam Read is a current LIS PhD student.