Prof.  Matthew Weber’s article, “Organizational Disruptions and Triggers for Divergent Sensemaking,” published in the International Journal of Business Communication, was awarded Article of the Year by the journal. The article is co-authored by Gail Thomas (Naval Postgraduate Institute) and Kim Stephens (University of Southern California).  He also spoke as an invited panelist on the topic of “Why Save Online News,” at the 2nd Dodging the Memory Hole conference, held at the University of California Los Angeles on Oct. 13 and 14, and supported by the Reynolds Journalism Institute and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Professor and Director of the Ph.D. Program Marie Radford published a book titled “Library Conversations,” subtitled “Reclaiming Interpersonal Communication Theory for Understanding Professional Encounters.” Radford’s co-author is her husband GaryRadford ‘91 who is a Ph.D. alumnus. The book was published by ALA Neal-Schuman.

Prof. Rebecca Reynolds has published a book: Chu, S., Reynolds, R., Notari, M., Taveres, N., & Lee, C. (2016). “Developing 21st Century Skills through Inquiry Based Learning: From Theory to Practice.” Springer Science. She also presented the following paper at ASIS&T: Lee, C., Chu, S., Cheng, J. & Reynolds, R. (2016). “Plagiarism-Free Inquiry Project-Based Learning with UPCC Pedagogy.” To be included in the Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), Copenhagen 2016. And with chair of the Department of Library and Information Science, Prof. Ross Todd, she presented the following:

  • Keynote address:  “School Libraries: Unlocking the Potential Through Inquiry, Innovation and Data.” International Association of School Librarianship 2016 Regional Conference: Latin American and the Caribbean. The University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, July 12-15.
  • With Doctoral Student Xiaofeng Li, (2016). “”We Don’t Get Any Help, What We Do Is Just a Simple Test, Like Trial and Error’: Information Practices of Young People at a Public Library Makerspace.” Presentation at CoLIS 9, Uppsala, Sweden. June 27-29.
  • With Medina, V G. and Todd, R. J.  “Empowering Students for a Digital World:  Global Concerns, Local School Evidence and Strategic Actions” Research Forum.  Proceedings of the 45nd International Conference incorporating the 20th International Forum on Research in School Librarianship. Meiji University, Tokyo Japan, August 22-26.

Prof. Vikki Katz‘s book “Kids in the Middle” was reviewed in the International Journal of Communication. Her research, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was cited in the Christian Science Monitor in an article titled “Free Basics: The Best Way to Improve Americans’ Internet Access?”

Prof. Mary Chayko co-presented (with Prof. Brittney Cooper, of the department of Women’s and Gender Studies) a workshop on “Public Scholarship and Civic Engagement,” at the Institute for Research on Women, Rutgers University, on Oct. 13.  She also produced and voiced an animated video “trailer” for the Gender and Media minor that she directs at SC&I. View the video here.

Prof. Marya Doerfel gave an invited talk “Mixed Methods and Social Networks: Tools and Techniques for Examining Interorganizational Networks” to the Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis (CCICADA), in Piscataway, NJ.

Prof. John V. Pavlik presented an invited paper: “The Rise of Virtuality: Experiential Media and the Transformation of Cyberjournalism.” Presented at 7th Congresso International de Cyberjournalismo, Oct. 7, Campo Grande, Brazil.

Ph.D. Candidate Dongho Choi presented two posters at the Annual Meeting of Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 14-18, with Ph.D. Student Ziad Matni, and Social Media Cluster faculty Prof. Chirag Shah and Prof. Vivek Singh:

  • Dongho Choi, Ziad Matni, Chirag Shah, “What Social Media Data Should I Use in My Research?: A Comparative Analysis of Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and The New York Times Comments.”
  • Dongho Choi, Chirag Shah, Vivek Singh, “Which Team Benefits from Collaboration?: Investigating Collaborative Information Seeking Using Personal and Social Contextual Signals.”