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Jack Bratich


Prof. Jack Bratich continues his work on social movement media with an analysis of the Nuit Debout protests in France [Up All Night, Down for the Count?
 A Compositionist Approach to Nuit Debout” International Journal of Communication (12, 2018, pp. 1908–1927)]. He asks whether the over-investment in branding and media-making before the launch led to a rapid spread, but quick demise of the movement (if it was indeed a movement). He also currently has two journal manuscripts under review:

  1. “A Communications War of Restoration: Popular Skepticism, Weaponized Truth, and the Panics over Fake News”, which examines social media and conspiracy theories as a terrain in an ongoing communications war against forms of skepticism, and
  2. “From Pick Up Artists to Incels: Con(fidence) Games, Networked Misogyny, and the Failure of Neoliberalism” (with Sarah Banet-Weiser), which looks at the ways online support communities for failed pick-up artists became fertile ground for developing misogynistic solutions. It reads this phenomenon as a result of neoliberalism’s inability (or failure) to respond to its failures, resulting in a crisis that unleashes violent subjects.