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Explore Globally, Aggregate Locally – ContextMiner

ContextMiner is a framework to collect, analyze, and present the contextual information along with the data. It is based on an idea that while describing or archiving an object, contextual information helps to make sense of that object or to preserve it better. ContextMiner provides tools to collect data, metadata, and contextual information off the Web by automated crawls…

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What’s so social about media?

A special issue of MIS Quarterly edited by Aakhus, Ågerfalk, Lyytinen, and Te’eni challenges researchers to consider what makes media social. Their introductory essay argues that as humans find ever more sophisticated ways to integrate symbolic action into technical systems and technical systems into symbolic action there is a commensurate need to advance our methods and concepts for engaging the deep computerization of social life that blurs old dualisms between physical and social, material and digital, and signifier and signified. These issues…

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Designing Common(s) Ground for Open Innovation in Healthcare

This project investigates how open innovation could be a viable strategy for health organizations in the emerging networked society with its reliance on advanced information and communication technology (ICT). Health organizations have increasingly embraced their role as centers for innovation, and while much attention has focused on technology transfer, translational research and even social innovation, what is less clear is…

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The Social Media and Society Cluster is a transdisciplinary group of faculty at Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information whose research explores social media and society.

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